What is Safety on the Driver App?

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    The Safety Hub is designed to help fleets identify risk and prevent accidents.

    How Safety Helps You

    This feature helps drivers to understand their behavior better and improve safety on the road. They can also view the Safety Score assigned to them, review improvements, and check details of every safety event marked.


    Safety Overview


    Safety Score

    The driver can view his safety score either by scrolling down on the main screen or by clicking on the Safety from the left hand side menu. It tells them the score that has been assigned to them out of all the drivers of the fleet due to their behavior on the road.


    Safety Event Details

    The driver can also review all the safety events under the tabs of New, Reviewed, and All. The details of these events like Risk Factors, Speed, Bearing, Date/Time and Location etc can be checked by clicking on the event. The driver can also see if the event has been marked as coachable or not.


    Safety Score Improvement

    The Safety screen gives the driver an overall view of the Safety score, improvement done in the past weeks, and the expected Safety score.


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