How to enable self-coaching for drivers

    Audience Fleet Admins 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > performance 



    For customers on the Pro or Enterprise subscription plan, Fleet Admins have the option to give drivers visibility into their safety performance directly within the Motive Driver App through Safety Hub.

    Within the Safety Hub, drivers can:

    • Self-coach by reviewing all coachable video safety events they have generated
    • View their current Safety score
    • You also have the option for Motive to automatically send the driver a push notification via the Driver App once a coachable safety event has been generated. This notification will let the driver know they have coachable events to review.

    A safety event can be identified as coachable through Motive’s automated coaching feature or by the Fleet Manager manually changing the status of the safety event to ‘coachable’.


    Steps: Enabling self-coaching within Company Settings

    1. Log into Motive Fleet Dashboard and click on the Admin icon in the left-hand-side menu.


    2. Click Safety under the PRODUCTS dropdown menu. 
    3. Scroll down to Coaching and click Edit. 


    4. Enable the setting for drivers to view their safety events within the Driver App.

    5. If you also want drivers to be able to view their safety score within the Driver App, you can enable the setting as seen below.

    6. Click Save. 



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