How To Set Up an Exempt Driver Profile

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    Some commercial driver licenses (CDL) fall under the short-haul exemption for the following reasons

    • Drivers who operate within 150 air miles
    • Do not drive through any state that requires a CDL for the type of vehicle being driven
    • Report back to the same work location every day

    These drivers report to work and either transport their loads to a specific location or complete a daily delivery. They then return their truck and go home.

    You may visit THIS article by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration below to get a detailed insight on Who Is Exempt From The ELD Mandate.



    1. Visit
    2. Click login to the top right Fleet Dashboard
    3. Click on the Human Icon at the bottom left.
    4. Click Add Driver in the top-right corner 
    5. In the account and Security section, fill in the driver's required information.
    6. Under the Hours of Service Compliance section, click on the Not Required option and add the Exempt Reason.

    You can also assign a particular vehicle to the driver by clicking on Assign Vehicle.

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