How to perform pinhole/hard reset or reboot on Vehicle Gateway (lbb 3.6)?

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    Your Vehicle Gateway may need a pinhole/hard reset if the GPS is showing a red light, logs not picking up location, you are unable to connect to the Vehicle Gateway, or you are unable to see the location history on the web dashboard. To perform a pinhole/hard reset on the Vehicle Gateway you need to follow the following steps:


    Steps: Performing pinhole/hard reset on Vehicle Gateway

    1. Find a pinhole present at the left-hand side of the USB port.
    2. Press the pinhole for 10 seconds with the help of a paperclip or a similar tool.
    3. You will notice the LEDs blinking green and blue for 30 seconds.
    4. Both LEDs will blink yellow for 4 to 5 seconds and then blink white for a few seconds.
    5. Once the bootup is completed both the LEDs will blink green or red.
    6. Vehicle Gateway will be reset.

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