What is the Motive Driver App update process?


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    Keeping the Motive Driver App up-to-date is crucial for getting the best experience possible. In this article, we will discuss how Motive app updates work, and how Android and iOS devices behave differently.


    Rolling out app updates 

    At Motive, we roll out app updates gradually so that we can catch any issues early and create fixes before it rolls out to all fleets. We do this by releasing the update to a small percentage of users first, typically 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%, 50%, and finally 100%. This approach allows us to test the app on a small group of users before releasing it to a larger audience.

    Stopping an update

    In the event that we encounter a bug or issue during the rollout of a new app version, we will stop the update. This is to prevent any further issues from affecting more users. Once the issue has been identified and resolved, we will resume the update rollout process.

    Android vs iOS updates

    Android and iOS devices behave differently when it comes to updating apps. On Android, if we release an update to only 1% of users, only 1% of users will be able to update their app. The remaining users will continue to see the last available version as the latest version.

    In contrast, on iOS, if we release an update to 1% of users, the application will be automatically updated for the 1% of users. However, the remaining 99% of users will still have access to the latest version and can download it regardless of whether the app has been released to 100% of users or not even if we have stopped the update users can still download the latest application version manually.


    Update Policy

    Our recommendation is to turn on auto-update for the Motive Driver App so you never miss a single update and don’t have to worry about manually updating each time. This can be configured by following the instructions below
    How to set up automatic Motive App update (iOS)
    How to setup automatic Motive app update on Android

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