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    We recommend you review the Hours of Service regulations on Alberta’s official Carrier Education website to ensure you have the most accurate and updated information: Alberta Carrier Education - Module 3 and/or read Alberta Regulation 317/2002.

    The Alberta Drivers' Hours of Service Regulation applies to carriers and drivers who operate the following vehicles only within Alberta:

    • Trucks, tractors, trailers, or a combination of these vehicles, have a registered gross weight or the actual weight of 11,794 kilograms or greater.
    • Commercial passenger vehicles (buses and vans) with a designed seating capacity of 11 or more passengers.

    Drivers operating under the Alberta regulations must adhere to the following HOS rules:

    • “Work Shift” (on-duty period) begins after at least 8 hours of off-duty time
    • 13-Hour Driving Time in a Work-Shift Rule - After a driver has accumulated 13 hours of driving time from the end of the most recent period of 8+ consecutive hours of off-duty time, the driver must take at least 8 consecutive hours of off-duty time before driving again.
    • 15-Hour On-duty in a Work-Shift Rule - ​​After a driver has accumulated 15 hours of on-duty time from the end of the most recent period of 8+ consecutive hours of off-duty time, the driver must take at least 8 consecutive hours of off-duty time before driving again
    • Work Shift Break Requirements: A driver may continuously drive a vehicle:
      • for up to 4 consecutive hours, if the driver takes at least 10 consecutive minutes off duty or non-driving time at the conclusion, or
      • for a period of time that exceeds the permitted time under clause (a), but does not exceed 6 consecutive hours, if at the conclusion of driving for that period of time the driver takes at least 30 consecutive minutes off duty or of non-driving time.
    • Off-Duty Time Reduction / Reduced Rest: Drivers have the option to reduce the 8 hours off-duty required to end a shift and start a new shift if they meet the following conditions:
      • Previous work shift did not exceed 15 hours
      • The number of hours that the driver is off-duty before the driver commences the next work shift may be reduced to not less than 4 hours
      • The total number of consecutive hours following the next work shift must be 8 hours plus the number of hours the driver reduced from the previous shift
      • A driver’s time off-duty using this provision may only be reduced once in any period of 7 consecutive days
      • For example, A driver reduces the 8-hour off-duty period to 4 hours. Prior to their next work shift, the driver must take at least 12 consecutive hours off-duty
      • See How to enable the Reduced Rest option in Driver App

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