What is USA Property Cycle ?

    Audience Drivers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Driver App, Fleet Dashboard



    Applicable to:

    60 hour/7 day, 70 hour /8 day



    • Shift starts after any period of 10+ hours off-duty/sleeper/waiting
    • Driver Must not drive after 14 hours from the start of the shift
    • Driver Must not drive more than 11 hours per 14-hour shift
    • Driver Must not drive after 8 hours of driving time since the last off-duty/sleeper/waiting/on-duty-not-driving of 30+ minutes
    • The cycle starts 7/8 days before the end of the current day
    • Driver Must not drive after 60/70 hours on-duty/driving since the cycle started
    • 34-hour restarts allowed at any time
    • 24-hour restart exception allows any 24+ hour off-duty/sleeper to start a new cycle
    • 8-hour break exception exempts the driver from taking 30+ minutes of breaks
    • 16 hours short-haul exception allows a 16-hour shift once per week or after a 34-hour restart
    • Adverse Driving Condition allows 2 extra hours in a shift and 11 hours drive clock to extend to 13 hours clock


    Split Sleeper berth:

    • Split sleeper is when there are 2 periods totaling 10+ hours off duty where one period is 7-10 hours sleeper and the other is 2-10 hours off-duty/sleeper and neither period counts towards the shift clock.
    • Any period of 7-10 hours in sleeper extends shift by the length of the sleeper period


    Cycle Resets:

    24 hours, 34 hours



    24 Hour Restarts Allowed, No 8-hour breaks required, Short haul exception allowed



    14-hour shift violation, 11-hour driving violation, 30-minute break violation, 60-hour cycle violation, 70-hour cycle violation, Adverse driving - 13-hour driving violation, 16-hour exception - 16-hour shift violation


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