How to select a vehicle for Vehicle ID Reporting

    Audience Drivers, Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Driver App > Motive Card



    Fleet Admins and Fleet Managers can mandate capturing of Vehicle ID against Motive Card transactions. This feature enables the Fleets to better track vehicle expenses and get the total cost of ownership of vehicles in their Fleet. 

    Note: This feature applies only to cards assigned to drivers, not cards assigned to vehicles.


    Steps: Selecting a vehicle for Vehicle ID reporting


    Select a vehicle through the Driver App

    1. Log in to the Driver App and tap on the Motive Card tile or tap on the Motive Card option in the left navigation menu. 


    2. The Motive Card Hub displays. Tap the Unlock your card

    Card on App.png


    3. Click Vehicle to add vehicle.

    Card on App 9.png

    4. Search for your vehicle using the make, model or vehicle ID. Choose your vehicle.

    5. Tap on Done

    .img 3.png

    5. Once selected, tap on Confirm



    The selected vehicle is tagged to all the transactions made in the next thirty minutes. 


    Card 18.png

    Note: This feature is only enabled if Fleet Managers enable it for their Fleet, the Driver has the Motive Driver App version 63.0 or higher, or if their mobile number is registered in the system. Also, Drivers can’t select a different vehicle if they are connected to the Vehicle Gateway.


    Change selected vehicle through the Driver App

    1. Follow the steps from 1 to 5 from the above section to select a vehicle. 

    2. In case an incorrect vehicle is selected and it needs to be changed, tap on "Edit required info".



    3. The Select Vehicle menu appears. Search with the make, model, or vehicle ID in the search field and select the correct option.  

    4. Tap on Done.


    5. Once selected, tap on Confirm


    Note: The option to change the vehicle is not available if you are connected to the Vehicle Gateway using the Driver App. 


    Select a vehicle through SMS

    1. To send Vehicle ID through SMS, send the last 4 digits of your Motive Card to +1 (408) 645-7882.

    2. Follow the instructions provided and give your Vehicle ID.

    Card on App 14.png



    Vehicle ID not selected 

    If Vehicle ID Reporting is enabled and the Driver does not select a vehicle in the Driver App before a transaction (and is also not connected to the Vehicle Gateway), the transaction gets declined immediately and the Driver receives a decline SMS. 



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