What is WiFi Hotspot throttled Status?


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    Motive has made updates to wifi hotspot including moving to true wifi measurement, reduced allotment, blacklisting, and throttling rather than shutting off. 


    After the update:

    • Reduced Allotment: Lowering the allotment so that each device only gets 500 mb plus any additional wifi purchased. 
    • Blacklisting: Preventing users from using streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Audible.
    • Throttling: Slowing wifi usage once the device hits its threshold rather than shutting them off. 


    Rather than shutting off users when they hit their Wifi limit, Motive will instead throttle their speeds so that they can keep using apps, but at a slower speed. 

    This will ensure that they can keep using the Motive Driver App and will help curb abuse. 


    What is changing after the WiFi Hotspot update?

    WiFi Usage Summary: fleet Users can see the following statuses for their vehicles in the Wifi Usage Summary: 

    • Enabled 
    • Throttled (Newly added)
    • Disabled

    Data Usage Summary.JPG


    Vehicle Profile: On the Vehicle profile, Admins will be able to see the data usage vs. data threshold. 


    Vehicle Profile.JPG


    Fleet - Vehicle Details: Wifi Hotspot Info under "Other Details".


    WiFi Hotspot other details.JPG


    Email Alerts

    Email Alerts notifying Fleets about their data usage. Instead of saying that the data will be shut off, they will be notified about Wifi throttling once the limit exceeds. 


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