When is Personal Conveyance not allowed?


    Audience Fleet admins, drivers
    Applies to  Drivers 


    Restricted Personal Conveyance Scenarios

    1. Using personal conveyance for work prep or getting closer to the next work site is disallowed.
    2. Returning to start for another unit after towing isn't a personal conveyance.
    3. If you're continuing a trip to fulfill a business purpose, like retrieving another load.
    4. Driving a passenger vehicle with passengers.
    5. Taking a vehicle for maintenance.
    6. After being placed out of service for exceeding driving limits.
    7. Traveling to the terminal post-loading/unloading.
    8. Operating a motor coach for post-passenger luggage delivery.


    FMCSA Website link: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/regulations/hours-service/personal-conveyance

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