How to Ignore Drive Time from Mobile Browser (Android)


    Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers

    Applies To

    Fleet Dashboard



    This article will guide you through the process of ignoring drive time using your Android device's mobile browser via the fleet dashboard.



      1. Open on your mobile browser (preferably Chrome).
      2. Tap the three lines at the top-left corner.
      3. Choose Compliance from the menu.
      4. Tap Overview.
      5. Select Logs.
      6. Choose the log you want to edit.
      7. Tap Edit at the bottom.
      8. Tap the three dots at the top-right corner of your browser.
      9. Select Desktop site.
      10. Find the Edit button on the right corner of the driving event you want to edit (Zoom in if needed).
      11. Select Ignore Incorrectly Recorded Drive Time.
      12. Choose PC (Personal Conveyance) or YM (Yard Move).
      13. Tap Confirm at the top-right corner.
      14. Tap Save at the top-right corner.
      15. Ensure the driver approves your edits from their driver app.


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