What is the difference between Unidentified and Unbound trips?


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    Applies To Fleet Dashboard, Unidentified trips, Unbound trips



    What is an Unidentified trip?

    An unidentified trip happens when the ELD records a driving event without identifying a specific Driver. These trips occur when no one is connected to the vehicle while driving. Identifying unidentified trips is crucial to ensure accurate and compliant ELD data.

    What is an Unbound trip?

    An unbound trip occurs when the ELD records the start time of a driving event but does not register the end time. In other words, the ELD thinks the driving event is still ongoing. Handle unbound trips to maintain data accuracy and prevent ongoing trip errors.

    Note: Fleets must annotate all log edits, including assigning or annotating trips. Ensure each unidentified trip is properly annotated or assigned if log maintenance is required.


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