Basic Usage - Motive Cards

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers, Drivers
    Applies To

    Motive Cards



    Motive provided cards are Credit Cards & it works anywhere a Mastercard is Accepted. Cards can also be used for Online Purchases, Fuel Apps, Fleet expanses, Maintenance & much more.


    We always recommend to use the card with Chip Insertion Method. (Inserting card into the chip reader). Also to always run the card as "CREDIT". Please avoid using the card to Swipe, TAP for security purposes it will decline the attempt.



    If handing over to merchant representatives, Always remind for card to be ran as "Credit". Merchant reps might presume the card is Fuel, Corporate or Fleet Card. 

    Some merchants have restrictions of different levels of Pre Authorization or Not Reading Chip on the Outside Pumps (AFD). Please use the Counter/Cashier for the merchants.

    For any further assistance, Please call (855) 434-3564 and press “3” when you hear the automated help center message to be routed to a dedicated Cards specialist.

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