Why are the videos still in processing/pending status?

    Audience Fleet Manager
    Applies to Dashcam



    The remote video recall process allows you the mobility to request videos from the dashcam through your dashboard wherever you are. It usually takes 10-12 minutes for the videos to process but this process does depend upon certain factors as below:


    1. Engine Status: In order for the videos to be processed the engine needs to be turned on. If the engine is off for the vehicle the videos will be processed the next time the engine is turned on.
    2. Device status: The Vehicle gateway and the dashcam both should be plugged in along with the engine turned on.
    3.  Cell Reception: The videos are processed through the AT&T cellular connection provided in your motive gateway. Depending on the cellular reception it might take a little longer than normal for the videos to process.

    Note: If all three factors have been ensured and you are still facing a significant delay rebooting the Vehicle gateway device would smoothen and fix the delay issue. The reboot can be performed as follows:

    •  Make sure the vehicle's engine is off.
    •  Unplug the VG from the vehicle's diagnostic port and keep it unplugged for around 5+ minutes.
    •  While the vehicle's engine is off, plug the VG back into the vehicle's diagnostic port.
    • Turn the engine on.

    What if the vehicle is Damaged and the engine cannot be turned on?

    If the vehicle is damaged and the engine cannot be turned on then you will have to perform the manual video retrieval process.


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