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    The Cash Advance feature enables cardholders to use the Motive Card and withdraw cash for expenses that don’t accept card payments. Cardholders can view the Cash Advance daily and weekly limits that are set by Fleet Managers on the Driver App. 

    Also, the cardholders are required to perform a one-time Cash Advance setup to set the PIN that is required for cash withdrawals. 

    Note: The Cash Advance feature is only available if your Fleet Manager has enabled this for your card. 


    Steps: Setting up Cash Advance on the Driver App


    Setting Cash Advance PIN

    The cardholder receives a notification on the mobile once the Cash Advance is activated on the Motive Card. 

    1. Tap the short link in the received message.

    img 1png.jpg

    2. Tap Set up Cash Advance.

    img 2 png.jpg

    3. The Set up Cash Advance pop-up displays. 

    4. The PER DAY and PER WEEK withdrawal limits are displayed. Tap Next.


    img 3png.jpg

    5. The Create your PIN pop-up displays. Enter your desired PIN twice. 

    6. Tap Set Pin.

    img 4 png.jpg

    7. You’re all set! pop-up displays. Tap Done.

    img 5 png.jpg

    8. You can View spend limits on the Driver App homepage to see the current available Cash balance and limits applied to the card.

    img 6 png.jpg

    9. The Spend Limits page displays, tap Learn how Cash Advance works.

    img 7 png.jpg

    10. The Cash Advance pop-up displays with the usage details. Tap Got it once you have understood the procedure.

      img 8 png.jpg


    Resetting PIN via Driver app

    In case you have forgotten the Cash Advance PIN, follow the steps below to reset it:

    1. Log in to the Driver App and tap the hamburger icon at the top left corner.

    img 9 png.jpg

    2. Tap Motive Card.

    img 10 png.jpg

    3. The Motive Card screen displays. Tap Change my Cash Advance PIN.

    img 11 png.jpg

    4. Enter the Driver App Password

    5. Tap Next.

    img 12 png.jpg

    6. Enter a 4-digit PIN twice.

    7. Tap Set Pin.

    img 13 png.jpg

    The Cash Advance withdrawal PIN is now changed

    img 14 png.jpg


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