What is the Cash Advance feature for the Motive Card?

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    The Cash Advance feature enables cardholders to withdraw cash using the Motive Card for expenses like toll fees, parking fees, etc. This helps the cardholders to not use their money for expenses that only accept cash payments. Fleets can set daily and weekly cash withdrawal limits for cardholders to prevent limitless transactions.  

    Note: The Cash Advance feature is available only on request. Please reach out to your Motive representative to check the eligibility criteria and process. 


    How Cash Advance Helps You

    • The Cash Advance feature enables Fleet Managers to control which cardholder can use their cards for withdrawal and set up appropriate limits.
    • This enables the Cardholders to view the set cash withdrawal limits in real time using the Driver App. 
    Note: Follow this link to locate the nearby supported ATMs for Cash Advance transactions. 


    Cash Advance Overview


    Fleet Dashboard 

    1. Once the Cash Advance feature is approved, the Cash Advance Limit and Available Cash are displayed on the Overview tab of the Cards page.

    img 1.png

    2. To enable the Cash Advance feature for specific cardholders, edit the spend profile associated with the card and set the Daily and Weekly withdrawal limit.

    img 2.png

    Note: If the proposed transaction limit exceeds the Fleet’s limit set by Motive, an error is displayed. 

    3. The Transaction tab displays Cash in the Category column for Cash Advance transactions.

    img 3.png

    4. The summary of Cash transactions of specific cards is also present in the Spend summary report.


    Driver App 

    1. Drivers are notified when Fleet Managers enable Cash Advance for their card.

    img 1png.jpg

    2. The Driver App displays the daily and weekly withdrawal limits set by the Fleet Managers.

    img 3png.jpg

    3. Drivers are required to set the PIN on the Driver App after which they can use the card to withdraw cash.

    2nd last image.jpg

    4. The Spend Limits screen on the Driver App displays the available cash limits and also provides information to Learn how Cash Advance works.

    last img.jpg    


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