How to recall/request video from the Motive Fleet Dashboard?

    Audience Fleet Managers 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Safety 



    Video recall lets the Fleet Managers retrieve non-event triggered Dashcam video footage stored on the Motive Dashcam from a specific point in time. Video recall can only go as far back as there is footage stored on the camera.

    AI Dashcam: Storage is configurable on the AI Dashcam (DC-53 & DC-54). With default settings, the local storage is overwritten every 100 hours of engine run-time on DC-54 (Dual-Facing) and 90 hours on DC-53 (Road-Facing). For more information see What is Dashcam Configurable Storage?

    Smart Dashcam: The local storage is overwritten every 66 hours of engine run-time on DC-34 (Dual-Facing) and 87 hours on DC-33 (Road-Facing).

    Note: The engine should be running to retrieve the videos successfully. As in the case of ignition-powered vehicles video files wouldn't be retrieved if the vehicle engine is not powered up


    Steps: Retrieve video from Motive Dashcam 

    1. Request a Video
    2. View a Requested Video
    3. Download a data enhanced Requested Video


    Request a Video

    Motive allows you to recall up to 3 minutes of regular dashcam footage or 60 minutes of time-lapse footage per request directly from the Fleet Dashboard. To retrieve video from dash cam, follow these instructions:

    1. Log into the Motive Fleet Dashboard and click on Safety in the left-hand side menu.

    2. Click on Request Video.

    Note: You can also request video from the vehicle page or from the trip playback page in fleet view.


    3. Click on Select Vehicle and choose the one for which you want to request a dash cam video.

    mceclip1 (1).png

    4. Using the Date filter, select the date for which you want to retrieve the dashcam video.


    Note: Only the dates highlighted in blue have videos available for recall, and dates marked with a black dot have safety events. Safety events include events like close following, cell phone usage, hard brake, acceleration, and cornering.


    5. The graph at the bottom displays when a video is available in blue with helpful annotations for safety events, vehicle stops, and previously requested videos. These are also reflected on the map above this graph.


    Note: Click on the thumbnails on the map to view images from the Dashcam(s) taken at that specific time and place.


    6. Use this slider on the graph to determine the part of the journey for which you want to request a video. Slide towards the right or left to see the vehicle’s location changing in real-time on the map.


    7. Using the Time of Request field in the bottom-left corner, adjust the time and the length of video footage.


    Note: The length of the requested video can be a Regular video from 1 to 3 minutes or a Time-lapse from 5 to 60 minutes for the AI Dashcam.

    8. Once finished with these selections, click on Request Video in the bottom-right corner.



    How to view a Requested Video

    1. Select the Requests tab in the Safety Hub or View in Dashboard in the email.

    2. Click on any of the videos ready for download and it will take you to their respective detail page.


    Note: Here, you can view all your requests and their current status such as Download, Processing, and Failed. The requests marked as Download are ready for viewing. Simply click on Download and save the video on your device for viewing.

    3. On the detailed page you can view the recalled video.

    4. In the top left you can see the speed of the driver.

    5. If desired, you can Request Another Video to recall regular footage.

    6. Click on the arrows in the top right corner to easily cycle through all your requested videos.



    Download a data enhanced Requested Video

    Downloading requested videos provides several options for download.  To download a requested video with an enhanced data overlay, follow these steps from the Video Detail report.


    1.  Click the Download icon in the lower right corner of the video player.



    2.  Choose Road-facing camera only or Both cameras (if applicable) and select Enhanced.

    3. Click Download to complete the request.


    The screen displays video downloading.



    4. Check your email inbox for a notification when the video is ready for download. Click the Download button at the bottom of the email, the file should be automatically downloaded and accessible for review.


    5. Play the requested and enhanced video download to view the additional telemetry data captured during the trip.



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