What are the requirements for transferring ELD Output file?


    Audience Fleet Managers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard



    During an audit, you may be required to transfer the output file for Drivers and vehicles falling under the ELD Compliance mode. The Motive Fleet Dashboard enables Fleet Managers to transfer these files whenever needed.

    Requirements for an ELD Output File transfer 

    Here are the requirements that must be fulfilled in order for you to generate and share an output file:

    • The Drivers should be enabled for ELD mode.
    • The Driver should have an ELD recorded driving event on the logs of the specified date range for the output file.
    • The Driver’s profile should have the License Number and License Issuing State listed.
    • The Driver should have the DOT number of the company selected.
    • The Driver must have selected the Carrier's Name.
    • Make sure the vehicle profiles have VIN numbers listed (VIN should be in all uppercase and 17 characters in length).
    • Make sure the vehicle profiles have the License Plate Number and License Issuing State listed.


    Benefits of an ELD Output File

    • It helps you track the driving behaviors of the Drivers.
    • You can make your services better by identifying the Drivers with wrong behavior and training them well.
    • You can predict possible accidents and liabilities to avoid them.
    • Best performing Drivers can be awarded to keep them motivated to keep doing well.


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