What is a Motive Card?

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    Motive Card



    Motive Cards comes with an integrated credit card management aimed to help the fleets set spend controls, access fuel insights (telematics and transactions data), and benefit from pre-negotiated fuel discounts at preferred locations.


    How Motive Card Helps You

    Motive Cards offers the following benefits for the Drivers and Fleet Managers:

    • Fleet users can manage business expenses effectively across drivers.
    • Discounts at some of the most popular fuel stops save your fleet money.
    • Drivers can use a single card to pay for fuel, tolls, parking, and vehicle maintenance to save time and trips to ATMs


    Motive Cards Overview

    Motive Card is a smart payment solution offered by Motive. It comes with an advanced integrated credit card management mechanism. Where it allows the drivers to pay for fuel and other fleet-related expenses in one go, it helps Fleet Admins and Managers to have a better control over their fleets' expenses as well.


    How Does a Motive Card Work?

    A Motive Card is accepted anywhere that accepts Mastercard and integrates seamlessly with your Motive Fleet Dashboard to provide insights into your fleet’s spending. Transaction details show how many gallons of fuel were pumped, the price per gallon, and the savings delivered by the Motive Card for that transaction.


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