How to view Fuel Hub Driver Details

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    The Motive Fuel Hub is a powerful new way for fleets to save money on fuel and operate more efficiently. The Fuel Hub provides a consolidated view of your fleet’s fuel consumption, benchmarked across our expansive network of vehicles. You can view driver details with the help of Fuel Hub.



    Steps : Viewing Fuel Hub Driver Details

    1. Log into the Motive Fleet Dashboard. Click on the Fuel on the left side menu. Click on Drivers tab on the Fuel tab.



    The Driver List shows the following metrics:

    • Avg MPG: Your driver’s average Miles Per Gallon performance.
    • Moving MPG: Miles Per Gallon performance when the vehicle is in motion.
    • Total Dist: Total miles driven by the driver.
    • Utilization: Time your vehicle was driving as a percentage of the total time your engine was running and PTO was engaged (drive time + idle time + PTO time).
    • Driving: Total fuel consumed when the vehicle is in motion.
    • Idling: Total fuel consumed when a vehicle is stationary and PTO is off but the engine is running.
    • PTO Time: Total time PTO was engaged across all vehicles and AUX inputs.

    (Note: this would show up if at least one of your connected AUX inputs has equipment type mentioned as PTO)

    • Fuel Cost: Total cost of fuel consumed by the driver.
    • Est. Deadhead: Total estimated miles driven while the vehicle was unloaded.


    2. You can also adjust the date range and set filters for All Vehicle Types, Drivers & Vehicles, Distance, and Fuel Score to narrow down the list of drivers whose fuel performance you want to observe.


    3. To view specific driver details, click on the name of the driver or use the filters to search for the driver.


    4. View in-depth insights about your driver’s fuel consumption performance across different time periods.


    5. By default, the summary bar shows the consolidated performance for a driver.


    6. In the Fuel Trends graph, you can view a 90 day trend of the metrics below:

    • Average MPG: Understand your fleet’s average MPG (Miles per Gallon) performance over a 90 day period and compare against the Motive network average.


    • % Idling: Shows how your fleet’s idling rate has trended over a 90 day period and compares against the Motive network average. Idling rate is calculated as the idle time over engine on time (idle + drive time).


    7. Fuel Score Factors allows you to understand the driver behaviors that impact fuel economy. These metrics will update if you adjust the time toggle in the Summary metrics bar. Fuel Score Factors include:

    • Idling: Percentage of the time the engine was running but the vehicle was stationary.
    • RPM: Percentage of time the engine was on when the RPM was over 1700.
    • Speed: Your fleet’s average driving speed.


    8. You can also measure how your driver has been performing in comparison to all the other drivers in your fleet by scrolling down to the end of the page. Here you can measure the difference by both the Avg MPG (Average miles per gallon) and % Idling.




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