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    The Motive Fleet App allows Fleet Admins to view their Driver’s logs in detail to be able to track their driving, shift, Cycle, and HOS-related information.
    This allows Fleet Admins to ensure that the drivers remain compliant with HOS rules, and are able to keep track of any violations that have been committed.

    Note: This feature is available on both Android and iOS.


    Steps: Viewing Driver’s logs on Fleet App

    1. Log in to the Fleet App, a list of your Drivers displays on Fleet View. For drivers who are required to capture logs, either approaching violation or are currently in violation of HoS rules, a red icon appears next to their name.


    2. To open the Driver’s details, tap on their name. Details such as the driver’s current location are visible. To view the Driver Status, you can view their Speed, Hours of Service, and Available Hours.


    3. To see the driver’s cycle rule details, tap on the information (i) icon next to Hours of Service.


    A prompt pops up on the screen showing what current Cycle Rule the driver comes under.


    4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Driver’s Detail screen and tap on View Logs. This opens the driver’s log details.


    5. The Logs screen displays details for the last 7/8 or 14 days based on a driver’s current cycle. If the driver has any HOS or Form and Errors violations, they will be visible on the details screen as well. The day of the log can also be chosen from the top of the page as highlighted.


    6. Scroll down on a given day to view any HOS violations in the red text along with the time on which they took place.


    8. Drivers can also leave notes and remarks any time during the specified date of their shift. The remarks become visible at the time it was written on the day.


    9. Scroll down to the bottom of the driver’s log screen to view the Hours of Service Recap. This shows the driver’s overall HOS performance for the selected day.


    10. When a Fleet Manager makes an edit to a log, it displays the message There are pending edits for this log. The Driver can then approve or reject the pending log edit.


    11. There are certain exceptions to a Driver’s HoS violations that are displayed in a green banner.



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