What is the Driver App For Exempt (logs not required) Drivers


    Audience Logs not Required Drivers
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    Driver App provides a customized view for the local and exempt Drivers as their needs are different from the ones driving with ELDs.


    How "Logs Not Required" Driver App Helps You

    With this Driver App view designed for exempt Drivers, the users can easily access features they have to use in everyday life.


    Driver App for Exempt Drivers Overview


    App Menu

    The menu of the local Driver mobile app provides a view of the following:

    • The Documents under the Dispatches allow the Drivers to upload fuel receipts and other documentation. The information filled in can be used for IFTA purposes.




    The inspection process is different for the local Drivers and to cater to their needs, the section reflects the following:

    • The Driver can see their Current Vehicle.

    • When connected to a vehicle, the Driver can see Drive Time and Distance.

    • Drivers can perform a pre-trip inspection when connected with a vehicle.




    Drive Time & Distance

    The Drive Time and Distance can be accessed by the Driver at any time of the day. The details of these are as follows:

    • Throughout the day, the Driver can view Total Drive Time and Total Distance on the Logs Detail screen.

    • Activity of the past days is available on the Driver App.



    Driving Events

    Driving Events enable the Driver to tap on a specific day and view details including the following:

    • The Driving tab shows all the driving events for the whole selected day.

    • The Inspection tab shows the details of the inspections done that day.



    App Settings

    The settings on the Driver App for the local Drivers are customized for the following events:

    • The General subsection can be accessed from the settings section.

    • The Driver can add or change values for the Home Terminal Time Zone and Odometer Units.




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