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    Fleets operating in Canada have to abide by the Canadian South HOS rules. These Hours of Service rules define the maximum workable hours allowed for Drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). Every truck Driver must be aware of these rules to stay safe from Violation fines and remain alert while on duty.


    Canada South Cycle Off-Duty Clock Overview


    Canadian South HOS Requirements

    Here are the requirements of the Canada South Cycle that must be followed by every Driver in Canada:

    Drivers must take a minimum of 10 hours Off-Duty to remain compliant with the regulations outlined in SOR-2005-313 Section 14 (1-3). Drivers can satisfy this requirement by the following:

    • Spend 8+ hours Off-Duty (this is required to start their shift for the day)
    • Take 2+ hours Off-Duty (in at least 30+ min increments, not part of the 8 hr Off-Duty)
    • Total 10+ hours Off-Duty for a given day


    Which Cycles does Canada South HOS apply to?

    This rule applies to the following Canadian Cycles:

    • Canada South 70 hr / 7 day (Cycle 1)
    • Canada South 120 hr / 14 day (Cycle 2)


    What is the Canada South Off-Duty Clock?

    Canada South Cycle Off-Duty Clock is designed to help Drivers stay aligned with the Canadian Cycle HOS rules. It keeps the Drivers updated with the track of qualifying Off-Duty time needed to satisfy the daily 10-hour Off-Duty requirement.


    How does It work?

    The Canada South Cycle Off-Duty Clock starts a countdown from 10:00 (similar to how other Clocks function today). It tracks any Off-Duty/Sleeper Berth time spent that qualifies towards the daily 10-hour Off-Duty requirement.

    Once the Driver has met the 8-hour Off-Duty requirement to start their shift, they see 2:00 remaining on the Clock (aligned with the regulations). This means the Driver needs to spend another 2 hours Off-Duty in at least 30-minute increments to meet their daily 10-hour Off-Duty requirement

    Note: Unlike other Clocks, once a Driver has reached 0:00 on the new Off-Duty Clock, it means they have satisfied the daily 10-hour requirement.


    What are the Qualifying Periods?

    A consecutive 8 hours of Off-Duty/Sleeper Berth (required to start driver’s shift for the day).
    At least 30 minutes of Off-Duty/Sleeper Berth time that is not paired with their 8 hours Off-Duty/Sleeper Berth mentioned above totaling a minimum of 2 hours.


    What if a Driver uses the Deferral of Hours feature?

    If the Driver is using the Deferral of Hours feature with the Canada South Cycle, the time that was deferred from Day 1 will be deducted from the Off-Duty Clock and added to the Off-Duty Clock on Day 2.
    If the Driver fails to take the required 10 hours of Off-Duty in Canadian South HOS, a HOS Violation appears on their log. The Violation will appear with the name Daily 10-hour break Violation (canada_daily_break_10).


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