What is the AG Max Thermo King Integration?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Fleet View



    The Motive integrated platform provides best-in-class tracking and temperature monitoring solutions for reefers, vehicles, trailers, and equipment - all in one place.


    • AG Max (AG-55) plus Thermoking Subscription.
    • Thermoking Reefer Unit with BlueBox (P/N: 401634) or iBox (P/N: 401243).
    • Thermo King 3rd Party Harness.

    How the AG Max Thermo King Integration Helps You

    The AG Max Thermo King integration allows Fleet Managers to monitor and remotely control their Thermo King reefer units as well as provide historical temperature reports.


    AG Max Thermo King Overview


    Temperature Monitoring

    Easily view your reefer’s telematics data through the Fleet View including discharge air, set point, return air, coil temps, and more.



    Remotely Control Reefer

    Remotely control your reefer through the Fleet View. Log into the Fleet Dashboard and select your desired Thermo King asset. Reefer configurations:

    • Turn reefer on/off
    • Turn zones on/off
    • Change set point
    • Change mode
    • Start reefer pre-trip
    • Clear alarms



    Telematics Data

    Get a complete view of your Thermo King reefer unit through the Telematics section in the detailed view.



    Reefer Activity Reports

    Get complete reports of your reefer’s activity through the Reefer Activity Reports.



    Reefer Temperature Alert

    Get real-time email alerts or notifications when your reefer temperature goes beyond a certain range.



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