How to manage Fuel Hub Vehicle Details

    Audience  Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard 



    Fuel Hub allows you to track the fuel performance of the vehicles in your fleet. You can access the data from the Fuel section on the Motive Fleet Dashboard.


    Steps: Managing Fuel Hub Vehicle details 

    1. Login to Fleet Dashboard, click on Fuel in the left-hand side menu, and then click on the Vehicles tab.

    The Vehicle List View shows a leaderboard view of your fleet across various metrics and helps identify top and bottom-performing vehicles.


    The Vehicle List will show the following metrics:

    • Avg MPG: Your driver’s average Miles Per Gallon performance.
    • Moving MPG: Miles Per Gallon performance when the vehicle is in motion.
    • Total Dist: Total miles driven by the driver.
    • Utilization: Time your vehicle was driving as a percentage of the total time your engine was running and PTO was engaged (idle time + PTO time + drive time).
    • Driving: Total fuel consumed when the vehicle is in motion.
    • Idling: Total fuel consumed when a vehicle is stationary and the PTO is off but the engine is running.
    • PTO Time: Total time PTO was engaged across all aux inputs on the vehicle
    Note: this would show up if at least one of your connected AUX inputs has equipment type mentioned as PTO


    • Fuel Cost: Total cost of fuel consumed by the driver.


    2. You can also adjust the date range and set filters for Vehicle Types, Date Range, Drivers & Vehicles, Distance, and With or Without Fuel Data to narrow down the list of vehicles whose fuel performance you want to observe.


    To filter the vehicles further, click on All Vehicle Types. This will open a new dialogue box with vehicle filters such as Class, Fuel Type, Make/Model, and Year.


    3. To view specific vehicle details, click on a vehicle or use the filters to search for the vehicle. You will be taken to a page with in-depth insights about your vehicle’s fuel consumption performance across different time periods.


    4. The Summary bar will allow you to have a general overview of how the vehicle has been performing for a given date range.

    • Fuel Economy: Indicates the average distance the vehicle can travel per unit volume of fuel used, measured by miles per gallon (MPG) or kilometers per liter (km/L).
    • Distance: The total distance covered by the vehicle at that time.
    • Fuel Used: The amount of fuel that has been consumed by that vehicle.
    • Fuel Cost: The cost of fuel consumed by the vehicle.
    • Idle Fuel: Total fuel consumed when a vehicle is idling (stationary but the engine is running).
    • Fuel Wasted: Fuel that has been wasted while idling in the vehicle.

    5.jpg5. On the right side of the screen you will find a section that details how your vehicle has been performing in comparison to other vehicles in your fleet. You can also compare your vehicle fuel performance against the average fuel consumed by other vehicles in the Motive network. Click on Avg MPG to get an estimate of your vehicle’s average miles per gallon.


    Similarly, you can click on % Idling to see how the vehicle consumes fuel when it is stationary. Easily compare the vehicle's performance against other vehicles in your fleet and vehicles in the Motive network.


    6. View the Fuel Trends graph to see how your vehicle has been performing in comparison to your fleet over the last 90 days. You can also benchmark your performance against the Motive network average.


    7. The Fuel Economy by Driver section shows you the fuel performance of the drivers who have driven the selected vehicle.



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