What do I do if my Vehicle Gateway/ELD malfunctions?

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    According to the FMCSA, a driver using the Motive Vehicle Gateway/ELD that has a device malfunction that prevents the system from automatically recording Driving must do the following:

    • The driver must note the malfunction and notify the fleet manager or the motor carrier in writing within 24 hours; and
    • Reconstruct his records for the past seven days and the current day on paper logs. These logs do not include ELD records retrievable from the device. 

    Note: Drivers experiencing a malfunction should manually record their duty status changes and add annotations in the Motive Driver App to keep a cohesive record.

    The motor carrier has a deadline of 8 days from the discovery of the condition or from receiving a notification from the driver, whichever occurs first, to repair or replace the device. If the carrier requires more than eight days, the carrier must request FMCSA for additional days within 5 days of being notified or discovering of the malfunction.

    Once a carrier submits a request, drivers can continue to manually record their RODS until a response is received from the FMCSA. The FMCSA will provide written notice to the motor carrier of its determination.


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