How to set Canada South Oil and Gas permit number

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admin
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard



    Fleets using the Canada South Oil and Gas cycle must be able to provide either the name or the permit number on the Driver’s logs in order for them to remain compliant. 

    As the leading provider of Fleet Management systems, our priority is to ensure our customers remain compliant Default Log Settings section enables Fleets to add their Oil Well Service Exemption permit number so that it can be displayed on the Driver’s logs accordingly.

    Note: Drivers need to be on the latest version of the Driver App in order to see the field displayed on their log PDF.


    Steps: Setting Canada South Oil and Gas permit number 

    1. Log in to the Fleet Dashboard and click the Admin icon at the bottom of the left-hand side menu.


    2. Click Compliance from the PRODUCTS dropdown. 

    3. Scroll down to Default Log Settings and click Edit.

    Default Logs 1.png

    4. Select the Canada South Oil and Gas cycle from the Cycle Rule dropdown.
    5. Click Save in the top-right corner.
    Default Logs 2.png


    Note: Once the permit number has been added from the company settings, the permit number is applied to the Driver’s log following the date it was changed in the company settings. Any logs generated prior to the permit number being added are not changed. For Example: If the permit number is added on 10/1/2021, then any logs from 10/1/2021 onward display the permit number accordingly on the Driver’s log PDF.


    Note: Drivers need to have Canada South Oil and Gas set up as their primary/current cycle in order for the permit number to be displayed on their logs.




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