What is an Unregulated (Non-CMV) mode?

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    Motive now supports setting vehicle regulation mode as ‘Unregulated (non-CMV)’. Drivers will need to update their application to Version 53 (or above) on the Motive driver application to use this functionality.


    How Unregulated (Non-CMV) Mode Helps You

    The Unregulated (Non-CMV) mode supports mixed fleets with the ability to configure a vehicle as “Unregulated” to help ensure fleets can retain the ability to track telematics information (i-e: GPS, odometers, mileage, etc.) without impacting the driver’s ELD outputs (i.e. log pdf, output file).

    What is the difference between Regulated and Unregulated Vehicle Types

    • Regulated (CMV): Vehicles that are subject to state and federal Commercial Vehicle Regulations
      (i-e: vehicle gross weight above 10k lbs, 16 or more passenger carrying capacity, or carry hazardous materials, etc.).
    • Unregulated (Non-CMV): Vehicles that are not subject to state and federal Commercial Vehicle Regulations (i-e: vehicle gross weight below 10k lbs, 15 passenger carrying capacity, or do not carry hazardous materials, etc.).
      If you’re a mixed fleet and have a portion of vehicles that are exempt and do not require an ELD, you can assign an ‘Unregulated’ regulation mode to the vehicle. Setting a vehicle as unregulated means that its movement will not be automatically recorded as driving on the driver’s record of duty status (RODs) but drivers will still be able to select any duty status manually within the driver’s app without recording any telematics data on ELD outputs.

    Guidance for CMV drivers using Non-CMVs

    If a CMV driver operates motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) or gross combination weight rating (GCWR) of 10,000 pounds or less at the direction of a motor carrier, the FMCSA requires those drivers to maintain records of duty status and record such time operating as on-duty (not driving).


    The exemption to HOS and CDL rules for non-CMV vehicles is mentioned in both US & Can regulations. For more details, please visit these Exemptions to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations page and the following links to see which vehicles fall under non-CMV definition 49 CFR 390.5 (US) and SOR/2005-313 s.1 (Canada).


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