Which Dashcam do you have?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Drivers
    Applies To Smart Dashcam, Driver Safety



    AI Dashcam Models

    • Dual-Facing AI Dashcam (DC -54)


    • Road-Facing AI Dashcam (DC-53)


    • The Motive Vehicle Gateway and AI Dashcam instantly detect and alert Drivers on unsafe behaviors (including cell phone usage and close following) with industry-leading accuracy.
    • Our advanced event intelligence and in-house safety team analyze every video for you within seconds of the event to determine the context and severity.
    • Managers get prioritized videos with rich, actionable insights, and Drivers are automatically coached on correctable behaviors when they complete their trips.

    It automatically captures unsafe behaviors such as

    • Dramatic Acceleration
    • Harsh Breaks
    • Harsh Turns/Cornering
    • Cell Phone Usage
    • Close following

    Smart Dashcam Models

    • Dual-Facing Smart Dashcam (DC-34)


    • Road-Facing Smart Dashcam (DC-33)


    • The Smart Dashcam captures dangerous driving by closely monitoring vehicle telematics data.

    It automatically captures unsafe driving when the vehicle experiences:

    • Dramatic Acceleration
    • Harsh Breaks
    • Harsh Turns/Cornering


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