What points should I remember while performing Pre- Post [Vehicle/ Trailer] Inspection?


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    We all know that it is now essential for both the US and the Canadian mandate holders to do the Inspection for Vehicles and Trailers at the start and at the end of the day. A few points needed to be remembered while performing the Pre/Post Trip Inspection. If missed, may cause issues related to DVIR.

    • Always stay connected to the Vehicle while performing the Pre/ Post Trip Inspection so the actual Odometer Readings can be picked up from the Vehicle Gateway.
    • Always Select the Vehicle/ Trailer Number from the Dropdown provided after putting the Vehicle/ Trailer Number.



    • Once the Vehicle/ Trailer Number is selected from the dropdown list go to the next page.
    • After filling in the necessary information Always remember to select the TYPE OF INSPECTION.





    • Save the Inspection after selecting the correct Inspection Type from the dropdown.

    Not following the above-mentioned steps can result in Fleet Admins not being able to see Inspection reports under Maintenance Tab but on Driver Logs, they can. It can also result in Fleet Admins not receiving DVIR/ Defects Alerts


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