Locked out of Motive Fleet Dashboard or Driver/Fleet App

    Audience Drivers, Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard, Driver App, Fleet App


    Symptoms: Locked out of Motive Fleet Dashboard or Driver/Fleet App

    The screen displays any of these error messages: 


    Incorrect Email/Username or Password

    When users fail to log in, each time they get the Incorrect Email/Username or Password error message for the remaining attempts.



    Account Temporarily Locked 

    If wrong credentials are used more than five times consecutively on the Fleet Dashboard, users get the Account Temporarily Locked error message on the screen.  



    Too many failed login attempts 

    If the wrong credentials are used more than 10 times consecutively on the Motive Fleet/Driver App, users get Too many failed login attempts error message on the screen. 




    • Entering the wrong login credentials multiple times



    Follow any of these recommended solutions to regain access:  

    Note: Motive Support can't reset passwords on behalf of our users for security reasons. Users can do it self-service or ask their fleet manager/admin to change it for them.


    Account Unlock Email

    1. If you are locked out of your Motive Fleet Dashboard or Driver/Fleet App account, Motive sends an unlock email to your registered email address. 
    2. Open the email. Click or tap on Click here to unlock your account. 


    1. Your Motive account is now unlocked, and you can log in with the correct Email or Username and Password.




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