Conflicting Driving Event or Existing Trip Error while assigning driving events

    Audience Fleet managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Admin Dashboard



    Unable to assign driving events to a driver and getting an error of Conflicting Driving Event or Existing trip.


    Existing Manual Drive time during the same time as the unidentified trip.


    1. Login to the Fleet Admin Dashboard
    2. Go to Compliance.
    3. Click on the driver's log for that specific day and see if there is an existing manual driving for that day.
    4. Once you find any manual drive time, just double-check if it is for the same time span that you are trying to reassign the unidentified driving event for. 
    5. If yes, you can simply go ahead and change the manual driving to off-duty and ask the driver to accept the changes made or ask the driver to change it to off-duty on his driver app.
    6. Once the edit has been made, try and reassign the driving event which was giving an error.
    7. This should allow you to assign the driving event.


      In case there is no manual driving during the same time, there would be either an unbounded, interrupted or in progress driving event for the same vehicle for the current/past quarter which would have to be fixed in order to assign this event.


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