2023-March 23 Announcement: Enhanced Security Measure


    Release Date

    March 23rd, 2023



    Keeping user data secure is our utmost priority. Brute force attacks as well as other means of gaining unauthorized access to Motive customer data are real threats that need to be neutralized.

    To further enhance Motive's security measures, all users with 5 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts will be locked out for 10 minutes. This enhanced security measure will protect Motive customers from brute-force cyber attacks. This improved security will apply to Motive Fleet Dashboard, Motive Fleet App, and Motive Driver App.


    Feature Overview

    In order to regain access, to the Motive Fleet Dashboard, Motive Fleet App, and Motive Driver App, you can try one of the following measures: 

    • Reset your password
    • Contact your fleet admin to reset your password
    • Contact Motive support to reset your password
    • Wait for 10 minutes and then try again

    When a user fails to log in, they will get a message each time letting them know how many attempts they have remaining. There are a few examples below showing what it will look like:








    Benefits for Fleet Admins and Drivers

    • Safety from Brute Force and other attacks threatening security.
    • Better safety measures for sensitive data stored.


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