Personal Conveyance or Yard Move gets cleared after 6 minutes of idling


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    Symptoms: Personal Conveyance or Yard Move gets cleared after 6 minutes of idling

    • I have to reconfirm my duty status after 5 minutes of idle time.
    • If I do not confirm my status, my yard move or personal conveyance status gets cleared and I have an additional 6 minutes of driving time added to my log.



    • Driver does not confirm their duty status when the prompt shows up after 5 minutes of idle time. Motive requires the driver to confirm their duty status in accordance with the ELD regulations as shown below.
    Note: When the duty status is set to driving, and the CMV has not been in motion for 5 consecutive minutes, the ELD must prompt the driver to confirm continued driving status or enter the proper duty status. If the driver does not respond to the ELD prompt within 1-minute after receiving the prompt, the ELD must automatically switch the duty status to on-duty not driving. The time thresholds for purposes of this section must not be configurable.



    1. A prompt appears after 5 minutes of idle time asking you to confirm your duty status to remain in personal conveyance or yard move. To confirm your duty status, tap Continue Driving.


    2. If you do not respond to the prompt within 60 seconds, your duty status will be cleared and the next time you drive will be recorded as drive time. Additionally, the 6 minutes spent idling will be counted as drive time.


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