How to plan routes on Fleet Dashboard?

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    When you create jobs for drivers via Dispatch feature in Fleet Dashboard, you can also plan routes for these jobs for a seamless driver working.


    Steps: Planning routes for jobs

    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard and click the Dispatch option from the left-hand side menu.
    2. On the Dispatch screen, click + Create Routes.


    The existing jobs display as mapping pins on the Create Route screen.


    3. You can enter the details for any new jobs you want to route.


    4. Hovering over a pin shows the ETA from the stop currently highlighted on the left-hand side navigation to the stop you're hovering over.


    5. Click on the pin to know the details, like the due date and customer. You can then easily add this job to the driver's route.
    6. Click Add as next stop to add the job after your currently highlighted stop, or click Add as last stop to append it to the end of the route.


    7. To re-order, click on the number and select new order from the dropdown.



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