What do the different LED light behaviors mean on my AI Omnicam?

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    Applies To AI Omnicam



    The AI Omnicam displays white LED light. Here’s what different states of Omnicam’s white LED light mean: 


    LED light Off

    No LED light means the Omnicam is powered off due to no external power source attached to it or it’s in low power mode. 



    LED light slowly flashing/blinking 

    The Omnicam’s slowly flashing/blinking LED light means the camera is booting up or exiting low power mode and it has not started recording yet.  



    LED light flashing/blinking fast 

    The AI Omnicam’s fast flashing/blinking LED light indicates the device is about to shut down, or it’s processing a firmware update or has stopped recording.

    Note: If Omnicam’s LED light flashes/blinks fast for up to 5 minutes, it means the camera is not recording and requires some attention for a pinhole reset.



    LED light solid white 

    The solid white LED light means the AI Omnicam is powered on and is recording. 



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