How to upload Dispatches from a .CSV file?

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Dispatch



    Motive has introduced a new feature to enable customers to upload dispatches through a CSV file. Previously the dispatches were uploaded through the UI file making it a time taking process.


    Steps: Uploading Dispatches from .CSV file

    1. Log in to Motive Fleet Dashboard and select Dispatch from the left-hand side menu.

    Bulk Dispatch 001.png

    2. Click on three dots (...) on the upper right-side corner.

    Bulk Dispatch 002.png

    3. Select Import.

    Bulk Dispatch 003.png

    4. A .xlsx template for upload is downloadable and it contains instructions. 

    Bulk Dispatch 1.png

    Bulk Dispatch 2 (1).png

    5. Once the dispatch information is entered in the template, it needs to be saved as .CSV file and uploaded to Fleet Dashboard. If the upload is successful, the file will be visible in the Import History section.

    import history failed.png

    6. If the upload is unsuccessful, the status of upload in the Import History section will be mentioned as Partially Failed or Failed. The user is required to fix the errors in the .CSV file.

    Bulk Dispatch 4.png

    Bulk Dispatch 5.png

    7. File can contain 3 types of dispatch content:

    • Un-assigned jobs (need location, date, and job type) - User can then route and assign the jobs in Fleet Dashboard.
    • Un-assigned routes - If jobs have a matching route name and date they will be created as a route and the user can then schedule / assign routes in Fleet Dashboard.
    • Assigned routes - A route that also have a driver / vehicle assignment will be assigned to those resources.
    • For locations - If the user has existing locations in Fleet Dashboard, only the location name is needed in the template, else coordinates or address is needed as well.
    • The upload allows for duplicate line items.
    • If one job on a route fails, the whole route will not be uploaded. However, if a file contains 3 routes, 2 can upload and 1 can fail.


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