Can a Motive Card be frozen automatically?


    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers, Drivers
    Applies To Motive Cards



    To prevent suspected fraudulent activity, the Motive Card can be automatically frozen if a certain number of transactions are declined within a specific period of time due to authentication/authorization issues. 

    This feature automatically freezes the Motive Card if user authentication information is repeatedly entered incorrectly for a specific number of times in a specific time period.


    Will I be informed when the card is frozen? 

    Auto Freeze for Motive Cards protects your fleet from fraudulent activity in case Motive suspects that the card is being used by an unauthorized person. Before a card is frozen, the driver would be notified via SMS on their registered mobile number letting them know about the transaction attempts left before the card would be frozen. If a card is frozen due to multiple failed transaction attempts, an email is sent to the Fleet Manager with the details of the card and the declined transactions.

    Note: If mobile based unlock is enabled for a card, then the Motive card will not be automatically frozen even if multiple transactions are declined. 


    What to do if a Motive card is automatically frozen? 

    Contact your Fleet Manager so that they can review the declined transactions on the card. If the transactions are known and no fraudulent activity is suspected, they can unfreeze the Motive Card from the Fleet Dashboard.


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