How to Activate/Turn on my Asset Gateway Mini

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    You can activate/turn on the Asset Gateway Mini by following a few simple steps.


    Steps: Activating/Turning on my Asset Gateway Mini

    1. If your Asset Gateway Mini has never been activated or has been put back to “ship mode”, activating the device is very simple.

    2. Take the reset pin that is included in the box, and find the reset button located on the side of the device. There is a reset pin logo next to the hole. Use the reset pin to press the button and then release. The LED will blink blue a couple of times to indicate that the device is being activated and among other things, trying to establish an LTE connection with the nearest cell tower. 


    3. Once that’s done, the device will take a couple of minutes to finish setting up, and once it’s done, you can check your asset on the Motive Fleet Dashboard to get an updated location.


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