What is Motive Card Transaction Metadata capture?



    Fleet Managers, Drivers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Motive Cards



    This feature enables capturing pre-transaction metadata, i.e. odometer reading, vehicle ID, and a custom input against transactions. Odometer Reading and Vehicle ID can be captured via Vehicle Gateway, Driver App, and SMS, whereas the custom input can be captured via the Driver App and SMS.



    The Motive Card transaction metadata capture is designed to allow fleets to capture details like Odometer Reading and Vehicle ID against transactions. Also, a custom input field is available which Fleet Admins can configure either as a free-text input field or as a single select dropdown, based on their own requirements, to capture information like Expense Type, Project ID, etc.


    How Motive Card Transaction Metadata Capture Helps You

    With the Motive Card transaction metadata feature, you will be able to ask drivers to provide necessary information before they transact using the Motive Card. This information can help you to:

    • Associate vehicles to transactions.
    • Associate an Expense Type or Project ID to a transaction.
    • Correlate mileage to expenses.
    • Track fuel mileage, etc.


    Actions available for Fleet Managers / Admins

    You can perform multiple actions to enable Motive Card transaction metadata capture. Those are:


    Actions available for Cardholders

    Once Fleet Admins mandate certain transaction metadata fields, here are the actions Cardholders can perform:


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