What is Fuel level & spend mismatch?


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    Motive Card



    The Fuel level & spend mismatch feature flags transactions when the fuel tank level does not increase proportionally to the quantity of fuel purchased. When such discrepancies are detected, a transaction is flagged as Fuel level & spend mismatch


    How Fuel level & spend mismatch Helps You

    The Fuel level & spend mismatch feature assists in identifying suspicious transactions and minimizing unauthorized spending. It provides the following advantages:

    • Detection of fraudulent activity associated with a lost Motive Card.
    • Identification of Drivers who may be using the Motive Card for personal vehicles.


    Fuel level & spend mismatch Overview


    Details included in Fuel level & spend mismatch Transaction

    This type of transaction displays details including the fuel purchased, expected level, actual tank level, spend location, vehicle, and additional information such as the time and date of purchase.


    Different types of Fuel Purchase Irregularities

    Here are the various scenarios for a Fuel level & spend mismatch:

    1. Total Tank Capacity Exceeds: The total amount of fuel purchased exceeds the physical capacity of the tank.

    2. Volume Mismatch: The volume of fuel purchased does not match the increase in the tank volume.

    3. No Increase in Tank Level: The tank level remains unchanged or does not increase after a fuel purchase.


    Review Flagged Transactions for a Vehicle

    In the Transactions tab under the Cards category on the Fleet Dashboard, Fleet Managers can identify suspicious transactions by hovering over the red icons. 

    • After clicking a transaction, Fleet Managers can view details about why the transaction is flagged. They can use the integrated platform to navigate to the vehicle’s History tab to see its location and fuel level enabling further investigation.

    • Mark a flagged transaction as Reviewed after verifying the Driver and transaction details. Add notes about the transaction for other Fleet Managers if required. 

    • Freeze the Motive Card if the Fuel level and transaction details don’t match.  

    • Remove the flag from a flagged transaction if you find it a legitimate purchase.

    Note: The Fuel Level & Spend Mismatch flagging is based on estimated tank size, which is calculated from past refuel events. If you find that the estimated tank size is incorrect, you can update the tank capacity in the vehicle profile.


    Set Alerts for flagged transactions

    • The Alerts section on the Fleet Dashboard enables Fleet Managers to set alerts for flagged Motive Card transactions. This can be done by choosing a newly added alert type Fuel Purchase Irregularity specifically designed for this purpose.

    • Flag the alert as Important to ensure Fleets immediately get notified.


    Get Fuel Level & spend mismatch Notifications

    Notifications for Fuel level and spend mismatches are displayed in the Notification Center of the Fleet Dashboard. This happens if you set Notifications as the method of communication during the alert setup.


    Set Fuel Tank Capacity in Vehicle Profile

    A new field in the Vehicle Profile enables you to input the Fuel Tank Capacity.  

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