How to make Driver Signatures compulsory

    Audience Drivers 
    Applies To  Driver App



    Motive allows the Fleet Admins to make the driver signatures compulsory on logs before moving forward and forgetting to sign them. It helps them to reduce the company’s Form and Manner error.

    In order to enable this option for your fleet and make sure all drivers are on the latest version of the app please submit a Support request.

    Once this setting is enabled by Motive Support, the Motive Driver App should behave as below:

    When a driver attempts to select:

    • A new duty status
    • Select a vehicle
    • Select their current day's log


    The driver signature prompt appears. This happens in order to stop the driver from moving forward in their day with signatures missing. It still allows the driver to make any changes or message their Fleet Manager to make corrections before forcing them to certify the log.



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