How to read Motive Card invoice

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    Motive Card Invoice Overview

    Cards Invoice

    The Card Invoice section is present in the top right corner of the invoice. This section contains information regarding:

    • Invoice Number: The invoice number of the customer.
    • Date of Issue: The date this invoice was issued.
    • Billing Cycle: The current billing cycle of the customer.


    Billed To

    This section contains information about the customer. On the left-hand is the customer’s address. The amount that is due for this billing cycle is visible on the right side.


    Account Activity

    In this section, all the customer's financial activities in the current billing cycle are mentioned related to Motive.

    • Previous Balance: This shows the amount that was deducted in the previous billing cycle.
    • Transactions: Total amount of transactions made through Motive Card in the current billing cycle posted on the dashboard.
    • Savings: The total amount saved in the current billing cycle using a Motive Card.
    • Credits: The amount of credit available to the customer.
    • Payments: In this section, if the customer made any additional payment on top of what they owed in the current billing cycle then that amount will be visible.
    • Amount due: The amount due for the current billing cycle.


    Account Summary by Cardholder

    In this section, a summary of the cardholder’s account is available.

    • Cardholder: Name of the cardholders/drivers.
    • Savings: The amount of savings made using the Motive Card.
    • Spend: The transactions made by the cardholders/drivers during the current billing cycle.


    Transaction Activity

    This section includes all the information about the transactions made through Motive Card.

    • Purchase date: The date of transaction.
    • Cardholder: Name of the cardholder and the card number.
    • Merchant: The name of the merchant from whom the transaction was made.
    • Category: The type of commodity that was purchased.
    • Savings: The amount of savings made using the Motive Card on a particular transaction.
    • Amount: Total amount of the transaction.



    The total amount of savings and transactions made by the cardholder in this billing cycle.


    Transaction Summary by Vehicle

    This is the transaction summary with respect to the vehicles. You can view all the vehicles and the transactions made for each vehicle along with the amount saved.



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