How to view logs with Ignored Drive Time using Driver App



    Applies To Driver App



    Motive now allows Fleet Admins to Ignore an incorrectly-recorded driving event using Fleet Dashboard and notify drivers via Driver App to view Logs with Ignored Drive Time.

    Note: This article is for information purposes only. The feature is available in version 56 (or above) of the Motive driver application.


    Steps: Viewing logs with Ignored Drive Time using Driver App

    Follow these steps to view the logs with Ignored Drive Time on your Driver App:

    1. Once a Fleet Admin ignores or undo an ignored drive time from your logs, a Push Notification is sent to your Motive Driver Application


    2. If you click on the Notification, it leads to the respective logs detail page with ignored drive time internal note added. You can verify the updated hours by clicking at HOS Recap screen.



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