What is RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)?

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    Applies To Vehicle Gateway, AI Dashcam, Smart Dashcam, Cables, Asset Gateways



    RMA is Return Merchandise Authorization. Motive creates an RMA when our merchandise such as Vehicle Gateway, AI Dashcam, Smart Dashcam, Asset Gateways, or Cables are not working. The device has to be sent back and if the device is under warranty the customer doesn’t have to pay anything for the replacement unless the device is stolen or damaged.

    How RMA Helps You

    RMA helps customers get a replacement for their faulty device. You have to submit a request by contacting our customer support regarding a faulty device. Our customer support team will be in constant touch with you providing you with a case number and following up with updates.

    RMA Process Overview

    Step 1: RMA Discovery

    When an issue with Vehicle Gateway (VG), Dashcam, Asset Gateway (AG), or cables occurs please reach out to the support team and describe the issues that are occurring in detail. Feel free to use the following template while reporting the issue:

    • Vehicle ID
    • Device serial number
    • Detailed summary of issues experienced (date, time, problem summary)

    Support will be able to diagnose the issue and share troubleshooting instructions. Depending on the issue being experienced, they may request more details about the vehicle, driver, cable, install pictures, etc. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

    Most of the common issues are fixed by:

    • Updating the firmware of the device - for Vehicle Gateways you can find the Firmware information in the ‘Vehicle Gateways Detail’ report
    • Updating the Driver App - find if a Driver App needs to be updated by visiting the ‘Driver’s Detail’ report


    Note: Do not ship back a device without an RMA case associated with it.


    Step 2: RMA Approval

    Once it is determined that the solution will not be fixed by troubleshooting, the Support team will approve the RMA to be processed and replaced.


    Step 3: Replacements and Returns

    Once approved, the Support team will confirm the shipping address and send a replacement device. Once the replacement device is received, remove the defective device from the vehicle and replace it with the new device. You will be sent a shipping label to return the unit back to us.


    Step 4a: Return Process Complete

    Once Motive receives the device at our fulfillment center, the unit will be processed and removed from your Dashboard. It will no longer be able to be assigned and will be removed from your ‘Vehicle Gateways Detail’ report. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing before reaching out to Motive. 


    Step 4b: Return Process Incomplete

    If the device is not returned back to Motive, the customer is charged for the cost of the replacement device at no discount. 



    Q1: What happens if the RMA Active/defective unit starts working again and I use the replacement in another vehicle?

    Answer: We do not encourage this as there is a risk associated with keeping a defective unit. If this occurs then Motive will need to add an extra subscription to your service. An order form will be required. Each device has its own subscription. If that RMA Active unit is kept then there will be two devices associated with only one subscription.

    Q2: What if a replacement unit is not wanted?

    Answer: You will continue to pay for a subscription that you do not have a device to associate it to. Motive does not allow for contract reductions until renewal.

    Q3: What if there are RMA Active units connected to vehicles?

    Answer: This will be found in the ‘Vehicle Gateways Detail’ Report under the column for ‘Assigned Vehicle’ with a ‘Status’ of RMA Active. If identified, Motive will share an order form to assign the units back to the account, which will increase your subscription. If there are unassigned ‘Allocated’ devices, then please continue to perform the swap and return the RMA Active devices.

    Q4: What do I do with the RMA Active unit once it’s removed from the vehicle? Or, what if I find RMA Active units at my facility?

    Answer: Contact your CSM and request a shipping label to be sent to you. Please include all serial numbers, contact information, and the address they will ship from.

    Q5: There are multiple replacements in one RMA, how do I know which vehicle to put the replacements in?

    Answer: The RMA replacements are not designated to a vehicle so it does not matter what replacement goes in what vehicle. However, after the physical replacement happens the device-to-vehicle assignment will need to be updated in the Fleet Dashboard.


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