How to track Dispatch progress in Fleet Dashboard?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard 



    Motive allows Fleet Managers and Fleet Admins to start and complete dispatch on the driver's behalf from Motive Fleet Dashboard. They can monitor a driver’s progress when completing a dispatch so they can understand if the schedule is on track.


    Steps: Tracking Dispatch progress in Fleet Dashboard 


    In Progress Board

    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard and click Dispatches.

    2. Dispatch page displays. Click the In Progress option.

    3. The dispatcher can access all their started dispatches in this view


    4. This easily scannable list provides identifying information about the Dispatch, Assignment, current Status, and ETA to Next Stop.

    Note: The dispatcher must provide an arrival time on the stop to see early/late status on the ETA



    5. The dispatcher can filter the dispatches to display only the most relevant information and sort them by high priority, such as by the Latest ETA.


    Note: This view automatically updates every 2 minutes. Stop arrival and departure is automatically tracked; see how to manage Dispatches in Driver App for more details.


    6. If you want to start tracking a dispatch on this board, either wait for the driver to start the dispatch, or use the Start Dispatch action in the plan tab.


    7. To remove a dispatch from this view - use the Cancel or Mark complete action.



    Note: Mark as Complete just alters the dispatch status; it won’t backfill any stop data.


    8. This sends the dispatch to the Done board with either the Canceled or Complete status.


    Dispatch Details

    1. On In Progress screen, click on three dots for the driver you want to view details for and click View Details.


    2. Dispatch Details page displays. On this view, the dispatcher can see all details of the dispatch, including detailed status information, a map view of the driver’s progress, and an activity log.


    3. The Activity log shows timestamps for starting the dispatch, stop, arrival + departure at each stop, and completing the dispatch.


    4. The dispatcher can navigate to fleet view vehicle live for the vehicle of the dispatch from here, to jump into follow mode, etc. to get a full picture of the vehicle status


    Live Share

    1. Live share links can be generated for a dispatch and sent to a third party.
    2. The links will let the third party track dispatch progress live on a map and see the dispatch details



    Fleet View

    1. If you are using dispatch, any dispatched vehicles or drivers with their current dispatch information display in the Fleet View.


    2. You can sort the entities by various dispatch criteria like the latest ETA.



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