How to manage Dispatches in Driver App?

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    Motive allows Drivers to review details of Dispatches assigned to them, start Dispatches, track arrival and departure times, and add photos to each stop from the Driver App.

    Steps: Managing Dispatches in Driver App 

    1. Log into Driver App and tap on Hamburger icon.
    2. Tap on Dispatches.


    3. The Dispatches page displays the details of your dispatch that the dispatcher sent to you.


    4. You can review and start your dispatches, or the dispatcher can also start the dispatch on your behalf.


    Note: A driver can only have 1 active dispatch at a time, so to start a new one - the previously in progress one must be completed or canceled.


    5. Arrival & departure at each stop is automatically detected.

    • The dispatch must be started for the automated tracking to work.
    • Drivers can still arrive and depart when they do not have a signal; their app captures the updates offline and syncs back to the web dashboard when they reconnect.
    • Automatic arrival is captured when the driver is in the location for 2 minutes (or instantly if they start the dispatch at the location)
    • Automatic departure is captured once they leave a location for 3 minutes.
    • Drivers can traverse stops in any order. A dispatch will be auto-completed once the final stop has been departed.

    6. The Driver can optionally submit photos and other data at each stop. To add the photo and other information, tap Info and add details.



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