Can't connect to Vehicle Gateway on iPhones/ipads

    Audience Drivers
    Applies to  Vehicle Gateway/ELD



    • Unable to connect to Vehicle Gateway on iPhone or iPad


    • Unknown



    1. Leave the vehicle from the Motive Driver App and Log out.

    2. Go to you your Bluetooth setting on the iPhone.

    3. Forget KT_XXXXX from the Bluetooth settings.

    4. Go back to Driver App and log back in.

    5. Select Vehicle# XXXX and press Ok on the first option.

    6. Next dialogue box will show up that will say “Select an accessory”. It can take up to a couple of minutes for the accessory(KT_XXXXXX) to show up.

    7. As soon as the accessory shows up. Tap on it and you would be able to connect with the ELD.

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