AI Dashcam light flashes red

    Audience  Drivers 
    Applies To  AI Dashcam 


    Symptom(s): Red light flashes on the AI Dashcam

    • The LED light on the AI dashcam flashes red



    The driver has triggered an unsafe behavior event of the following type(s):

    1. Telematics event: Hard Acceleration, Hard Brake, or Hard Cornering
    2. Speeding event: Exceeding company speed policy or exceeding duration & speed above the posted speed limit
    3. AI event - driver violated one of the following AI-detected unsafe behaviors:
    • Close Following
    • Stop Sign Violation
    • Unsafe Lane Change
    • Cell Phone Usage
    • Distraction
    • Seat Belt Violation


    • Discontinue or reduce the unsafe behavior detected by the dashcam
      Review Safety event videos shared in the Motive Driver App to observe the key indicators that triggered the unsafe behavior
      Seek out additional training or information on how to improve your driving skills

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