How to unlock the Motive Card via Fleet Dashboard?


    Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins

    Applies to Motive Cards



    Fleet Managers with edit card access can unlock Motive Cards on the Fleet Dashboard. This is also useful for Drivers requiring one-time access for 30 minutes. If transaction metadata requirements are active, Fleet users must provide the required details during the unlock process. 

    Note: This article applies to both cards assigned to Drivers and vehicles.


    Steps: Unlocking Motive Card via Fleet Dashboard

    If no transaction metadata requirements are enabled

    1. Log in to the Fleet Dashboard and click the Admin icon at the bottom left corner. 

    2. Click the Products dropdown from the left-hand side menu. Click Cards from the dropdown menu.

    3. Click the Card Management tab on the top. Here the cards-related details of your Fleet appear.

    4. Click the three horizontal dots icon on the right corner of the screen for the Locked card you want to unlock.

    5. A dropdown appears. Click Unlock card for 30 min.

    6. When in default mode (no metadata required), a popup appears on the screen for confirmation. Click Confirm and the card is unlocked for 30 minutes.

    Note: Fleet users must enter the Driver ID for vehicle card events, even if no transaction metadata fields are enabled. Also, they can include details like Odometer Reading, Project ID, and Expense Type if required. The steps for entering this information remain the same as shown here.


    If one or more transaction metadata requirements are enabled

    1. Follow steps from 1 to 5 from the above section.

    2. When one or more transaction metadata requirements are enabled, the Fleet users must fill in the details while unlocking the card. 


    3. Enter the Vehicle name. Select from the dropdown list or search the vehicle for which you want to unlock the card. 

    4. Enter the Odometer reading and select the appropriate unit from mi or km.

    Note: The Odometer reading automatically fills in if the Vehicle is connected to the Vehicle Gateway, using its latest available reading.

    5. Enter the custom field details if required. For example, if you have set up any Custom field options, select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu.

    Note: An error displays if any of the above required information is skipped.

    6. After adding all the information, click Confirm. The card is unlocked for 30 minutes.


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